Classic Singles #33: The Front Page News – Thoughts / You Better Behave (1967)

FRN_labelFor a long time it was thought that The Front Page News were from Fort Worth, Texas, as their lone 45 was recorded there and produced by Edwin Greines, who also worked with Dallas bands The Penthouse 5 and WordD. But it turns out that they in fact hailed from Tulsa, Oklahoma and up to the point of the single release had been known as The New Imperials. Perhaps the name was changed to something more hip and happening to match the music on offer.

‘Thoughts’ opens up with some frantic guitar soloing before a riff on bass and fuzz guitar cuts in and we are into the very melodic verse and chorus. The band can’t resist treating us to another burst of guitar delirium to finish though. Top work!


The flip is a keyboard-driven swinger with soulful vocals – short but very catchy.


Reissues: This is a strange one as none of the compilation versions of ‘Thoughts’ I have heard sound quite the same as the 45. I Turned Into a Helium Balloon has a slower sounding version that clocks in at 2 minutes 56 seconds rather than the 2.43 of the single. Garage Beat ’66 Volume 5 and The Human Expression and Other Psychedelic Groups have an even longer version at 3.08 but this omits the frenzied intro and has a different ending. I have posted a rip from the original 45, and if that is what you want to track down on record I am guessing you will need to go to something like Psychedelic Unknowns Volume 4 or The Magic Cube (assuming you don’t want to buy the single).

‘You Better Behave’ is on The Human Expression and Other Psychedelic Groups (with some introductory studio chatter included) or Tymes Gone By.


One thought on “Classic Singles #33: The Front Page News – Thoughts / You Better Behave (1967)

  1. I remember working at the teen club “The Front Page News” (or was it the Newstand?) on Harvard and about 3300 south, late 1967/early 68. David Whatley, the organist was an acquaintance, and I was impressed greatly by the Hammond B3 and Leslie equipment he used. Great time, didn’t last long. Heard the “New Imperials around town for a few years about then. Those were great days in Tulsa in music. Rod Dent

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