One Side Wonders #6: Adam’s Recital – There’s No Place For Lonely People (1967)

AR_labelAnd now for something completely different. It’s time to head across the Pond from the Americas to Europe. You might think that Belgium wouldn’t be an obvious place to go looking for psychedelic gems but hopefully Adam’s Recital will change your mind.

This trio were together from 1966 to 1969 and played across Belgium and Holland, and even appeared at London’s Marquee Club. They were also on the bill at The National Jazz and Blues Festival in Windsor in August 1967 (according to the programme, playing on the main stage on the Saturday evening between the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation and Amen Corner!). Their only recorded legacy is this one single – on the French Barclay label.

‘There’s No Place For Lonely People’ has a rumbling bass line, wicked fuzz guitar, and a great melody.


Missing side: ‘New York City’

Reissues: the a-side is on Perfumed Garden Volume 3 or Beat and Psychedelic Music in Belgium, Part 1.


2 thoughts on “One Side Wonders #6: Adam’s Recital – There’s No Place For Lonely People (1967)

  1. GREAT! FRIENDS!..ALL THESE NEWSFLASH ,RESEARCHED,ANALYZED.THANK YOU.IM ADAM, i was there.( rock veteran survivor,reporting here from sydney australia.).apart of the long extensive tourin in BE,NL,F,GE more of the London details: AT Marquee Club,2 weeks with eric claptons CREAM..on stage at ROCK-JAZZ WINDSOR,UK (the longest slot on stage up to 40min.+ )longer then any other UK act..coincidence? or Just destiny, to prove the EU power of ROCK truly existed. Im a polish born ‘rock kid’ who started early incl.”EAST meets WEST” rock era in WARSAW,PL 1962 then..teenager growin up in BELGIUM,then.young adult growin up in AUSTRALIA,then,.country rock residence&stagework in Tennessee,USA in the ’90s.THE DREAM LIVES ON……..follow me..

    • Hi Adam, great to hear from you! And thanks for the extra information about yourself and the band. I look forward to the Adam’s Revival reunion tour taking place (I hope I haven’t missed it!).

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