Garage Gold #30: The Third Booth – Sound Inc. / Mysteries (1967)

Third Booth-labelThe Third Booth were from Canton, Illinois. They had previously been known as The What Four but changed name as they used to meet after school at the third booth of the soda fountain at the Lewis Pharmacy. This version of the band split up without making any recordings but main man J.C. Clore put together a new line-up to cut the outfit’s lone single.

The 45 was recorded at engineer Jerry Milan’s Golden Voice Studios in South Pekin, IL. Both sides were written by Clore and the single was released on the Thunder label in late 1967.

‘Sound, Inc.’ opens with a frenetic burst of fuzz and rhythm guitar before settling down into classic garage territory with a driving fuzz and keyboard riff. An almost ballad-like transition leads into a simple but effective organ solo, there is judicious use of echo, strong lead and backing vocals (both provided by J.C. Clore), and some neat ‘Gloria’-style dynamic changes on later verses to add variety. Topnotch!

‘Sound Inc.’ / ‘I Need Love’

Whereas the a-side had been meticulously rehearsed prior to recording, the flip ‘Mysteries’ was written and recorded on the spot, which perhaps accounts for its short duration. It’s another winner though, with a moodier feel and catchy melody.


The single was a local hit and was picked up by Independence Records in May of 1968 for national distribution. On the latter release the title of the a-side was altered to ‘I Need Love’ (the only sonic change is a slightly different mix).

Reissues: ‘I Need Love’ is on Pebbles Volume 1 (CD not vinyl), Garagelands Volume 1 and Shadows Falling. The flip is on the impressively titled Diana’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Wild Teenage Rock ‘N’ Roll Party!.

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