Wants #1: Missing flip-sides!

There are a number of candidates for Classic Singles that I don’t want to post at the moment as, for one reason or another, I only have one side of the 45. Hopefully,  someone will read this post who has the missing side and is willing to share it (I will of course acknowledge your contribution and you will be able to bask in the knowledge that you have made this music available to grateful garage and psych freaks). Anyway, here are a few to get started:

  • A-440 – It’s Just Your Mind (Sona, 1967) – flip of ‘Torture’
  • Teddy and His Patches – I Ain’t Nothin’ (Chance, 1967) – flip of ‘Haight Ashbury’
  • The Twilighters – I Need You (Mark VII, 1968) – flip of ‘Nothing Can Bring Me Down’ (all-time garage psych great!)
  • Friday’s Keepers – Sorrow at My Door (Momentum, 196?) – flip of ‘Take Me For a Ride’ (does anyone know anything about this band, like where there were from in the USA and the year of release?)