One Side Wonders #5: Alan Burn and The Ushers – Whirlpool (1967)

Alan BurnAlan Burn was based in Kittery, Maine and released a number of singles in the mid to late 60s, either as Alan Burn or with a backing band credited, or simply as Alan. For ”Whirlpool’ he was joined by The Ushers from nearby York, who were students at York High School. It is a moody garage stomper with simple but very effective fuzztone guitar and organ.

Missing side: ‘Lion In Love’ (described by garage bible Teenbeat Mayhem as “crude pop-beat with harmonies” – please note that “crude” here isn’t used in a derogatory sense!)

Reissues: ‘Whirlpool’ can be found on Total Raunch.


If you want to learn more about Alan there is a very thorough post with sound files here. The information provided was verified by Mr. Burn himself. From a garage point of view, the other songs he recorded that are of interest are ‘Turn Off, Next Exit’, ‘See Susie Run’ and ‘Information (Help Me Please)’. The discography below is based on information from the above post and the listing in Teenbeat Mayhem.

(Possibly incomplete) discography
  • Somebody Wrote Their Name / Beach House (Mala, 1965)
  • Plaything / That’s How It All Began (with The Jaguars – Island, 1965)
  • Agatha Abernathy / Tiny Tagalong (Tuesday, 1966)
  • Catchin’ Spies / Kathy Cryin’ Heart (as Alan – Tuesday, 1966)
  • Turn Off, Next Exit / Tiny Tagalong (as The Alright Five – Tuesday, 1966)
  • Stop, You’re Killing Me / Shadow (with The Ushers – Tuesday 1967)
  • Whirlpool / Lion In Love (with The Ushers – Tuesday 1967)
  • See Susie Run / Information (Help Me Please) (a-side with The World of Darkness; b-side with The Ushers – Tuesday 1968)

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