Classic Singles #102: The Answers – It’s Just a Fear / You’ve Gotta Believe Me (1966)

Answers-labelThe Answers from South Shields in the North East of England were responsible for a bona fide freakbeat classic in ‘It’s Just a Fear’, the a-side of their debut single released on the Columbia label in February 1966 (promotional copies give the song title as ‘Just a Fear’, stock copies as the full ‘It’s Just a Fear’).

The song was written by guitarist Tony Hill, whose incisive, driving, at times almost raga-like fretwork is a key feature of the number – a dance floor stomper with pounding drums, soulful vocals from J. Vincent Edwards, and a suitably frenetic rave-up finish.

Flip ‘You Gotta Believe Me’ (another Hill composition) is a more commercial offering than the a-side but still moves along nicely with a winning melody and some neat harmonica.

Follow-up single ‘That’s What You’re Doing To Me / Got a Letter From My Baby’ appeared in July (possibly only in demo form).

Tony Hill has featured in this blog before as he left The Answers to join the definitive line-up of psychedelic legends The Misunderstood and after that formed heavy progsters High Tide. J. Vincent Edwards went solo after the band split, appeared in the London production of Hair, and later went on to be a successful songwriter and producer.

‘(It’s) Just a Fear’

‘You’ve Gotta Believe Me’

Reissues: ‘It’s Just a Fear’ can be found on Rubble Volume 13, English Freakbeat Volume 3 and That Driving Beat Volume 1; the flip is on Portobello Explosion and Magic Spectacles.

  • It’s Just a Fear / You’ve Gotta Believe Me (Columbia, 1966)
  • That’s What You’re Doing To Me / Got a Letter From My Baby (Columbia, 1966)

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