One Side Wonders #11: The Bostweeds – Faster Pussycat! (1966)

bostweeds_labelInformation on The Bostweeds is scarce. They were from California, possibly Los Angeles, and had released two singles on the Chattahoochee label prior to ‘Faster Pussycat!’. This track appeared in February 1966 on a promotional 45 that was never issued commercially and is the theme from the exploitation movie Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! directed by the legendary Russ Meyer. Eve Productions, Inc. was the name of his film company. The movie itself follows the exploits of three go-go dancers who let off steam by driving sports cars in the desert. Their thrill seeking leads to murder, kidnap, and a plan to rob an old rancher and his sons of their money.

‘Faster Pussycat!’ is a jaunty little number that breaks new ground in economy of execution at 1 minute 10 seconds or so in length! The phrase “pussycat she’s living reckless” certainly evokes the tone of a Russ Meyer film perfectly!

‘Faster Pussycat!’

Missing side: this is truly a One Side Wonder as the flipside is blank.

The song was covered in fine style by The Cramps on their 1983 live mini-album Smell of Female and their version is well worth tracking down if you haven’t heard it.

Reissues: appropriately enough you can find ‘Faster Pussycat!’ on Songs The Cramps Taught Us Volume 3 (CD) or Volume 5 (vinyl) and also on the vinyl Born Bad Volume 1.

  • Little Bad News / Simple Man (Chattahoochee, 1965)
  • She Belongs to Me / Lisa (Chattahoochee, 1965)
  • Faster Pussycat! / [blank] (Eve Productions, 1966)

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