Classic Singles #51: The Bohemian Vendetta – Enough / Half the Time (1967)

BohemianV45_labelThe Bohemian Vendetta were from Long Island, New York and released their debut single on the United Artists label in July 1967. ‘Enough’ is a cool and moody number with Farfisa organ to the fore. A nagging guitar figure gets proceedings underway before a snaking bass line takes over and drives things along in the verse. The song builds to its punchy chorus with the backing vocalist plaintively shouting out “Enough” ahead of each line from the singer, and we are treated to a guitar break that is understated but very neat.

‘Half the Time’ is an uptempo and exuberant groover with dueling Farfisa and guitar on the instrumental break.


‘Half the Time’

BohemianVLP_labelBy the time of their album and follow-up single, the band had signed to New York’s Mainstream Records. Their self-titled long player is something of a Curate’s Egg, including an interesting if rather overlong slowed-down version of The Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’, several acid punk gems such as ‘All Kind of Highs’, ‘Riddles and Fairytales’, and ‘Paradox City’, and a long, torturous reading of ‘House of the Running Sun’. Worth a spin but a reissue is the best option as Mainstream is a very collectable label with prices to match. Neither side of the debut 45 were included on the album.

Members of the band later went on to back Faine Jade (aka Chuck Laskowski) on his 1968 Introspection – A Faine Jade Recital album (which contains a couple of bona fide psychedelic wonders in ‘People Games Play’ and ‘Cold Winter Sun Symphony in D Major’).

Reissues: both sides are on Distortions’ retrospective Enough!, which also includes all of the album; ‘Enough’ is also on the CD version of Pebbles Volume 1 and Essential Pebbles Volume 1.



  • Enough / Half the Time (United Artists, 1967)
  • Riddles and Fairytales / I Wanna Touch Your Heart (Mainstream, 1968)


  • Bohemian Vendetta (Mainstream, 1968)

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