Garage Gold #25: The Hatfields – Yes I Do / When She Returns (1966)

Hatfields_labelThe Hatfields formed in Frankfort, Indiana and were originally known as Sherlock and The Homelies until a move to Chicago also prompted a change of name, presumably inspired by the feuding Hatfield and McCoy families from the late 1800s.

The band’s debut single was issued in November 1966 on Cha Cha Records (a label that also released the belting ‘Little Girl Gone’ by Mogen David and The Grapes of Wrath).

A pounding drum roll opens ‘Yes I Do’ and is soon joined by driving keyboards that propel this lo-fi but effervescent garage stomper along. The only downside is that the short but effective guitar break, though introduced by the requisite scream, is a little lower in the mix than we might have hoped. I find that that this song has one of those catchy choruses that you can’t help but sing along with.

‘Yes I Do’

‘When She Returns’ is a ballad, again with prominent keyboards, with a wistful feel and melodic chorus that are perhaps not immediately apparent due to the somewhat crude production. There’s what sound like a recorder too to add some variety at the break.

‘When She Returns’

The group’s second and final single from April 1967 is also well worth tracking down – ‘The Kid From Cinncy’ is a boisterous rocker with powerful drumming and ‘Lost In This World’ is more poppy but still a high energy performance.

Reissues: ‘Yes I Do’ is on Back From The Grave Volume 1 (CD) or Volume 2 (vinyl) and Garage Kings (vinyl); the flip has yet to be commercially compiled.

  • Yes I Do / When She Returns (ChaCha, 1966)
  • The Kid From Cinncy / Lost in This World (Cha Cha, 1967)

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