Garage Gold #24: Era of Sound – Girl in the Mini Skirt / Stay With Me (1967)

EofS_labelAnother mystery band, this time from Espanola, New Mexico. Two of the outfit were brothers – Reynaldo and Michael Naranjo – and they co-wrote the a-side of the group’s only single, with Reynaldo alone composing the flip. The 45 was released in May 1967 on John Wagner Studios’ Delta label, based in Albuquerque (also home to garage singles by The Knights, The Defiant Four, and The Movin’ Morfomen, among others). Wagner himself had moved to Albuquerque from Clovis to set up the studio after a stint as a recording artist with record producer Norman Petty.

‘Girl in the Mini Skirt’ has a title redolent of the so-called Swinging Sixties of course. It starts with a short fuzz guitar riff that heralds greater things to come, before settling into a lively verse / chorus where each line from the singer is repeated by the backing vocalists in pleasing fashion. Then a slight pause, some powerful drumming and the fuzz guitar is back in full force as the song lifts to a new level, leading to a classic garage scream and neat wigged out break.

‘Girl in the Mini Skirt’

‘Stay With Me’ is a downbeat ballad with lyrics on the time-honoured theme of the relationship break up and a low key twanging guitar solo.

‘Stay With Me’

Reissues: ‘Girl in the Mini Skirt’ is on Sixties Archives Volume 4, Garagelands Volume 1, and New Mexico Punk From The Sixties. The flip-side has yet to be commercially compiled.


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