Classic Singles #93: Denis and The Times – Flight Patterns / Just If She’s There (1967)

DandT_labelDenis and The Times were from Norfolk, Virginia and three of the five band members were brothers – singer Denis Burlage and guitarists Dean (Denis’ twin) and Guy. The band were a popular attraction at local club The Happening and the obligatory (for an aspiring 60s garage band anyway) high school dances. Their debut single, credited to Dennis and The Times, was released on the Georgia based Trend label in November 1967.

‘Flight Patterns’ has more than a hint of The Byrds about it with its chiming guitars and winning melody, but the influence is made crystal clear when we reach the break. This is another example (like ‘Eve’ by Adam) of the impact of Roger McGuinn’s lightning fretwork from all-time monster ‘Eight Miles High’ from 1966, except that here the solo is truly frenetic, to the point that it sounds like it may break down into a flurry of noise at any moment. There is a neat, trippy sound effects ending too, and when Denis asks us to “take a trip with me” I’m sure we would all agree that this is a flight we would happily board!

‘Flight Patterns’

The short intro to flip ‘Just If She’s There’ might make you think a ballad is in the offing, but the song quickly transforms into another very enjoyable fast paced, jangling Byrdsy folk rocker.

‘Just If She’s There’

DandT_bandThe outfit’s second single from the spring of 1969 has a great cover on the flipside of The Cryan’ Shames’ ‘Dennis Dupree from Danville’ (renamed ‘Denis Dupree From Danville’) from their 1967 A Scratch In The Sky album with a neat fuzzy guitar break.

Many years later Guy and Denis played together again in The Seabird Band, releasing a self-titled country rock album on Waylon Records in 1978.

Tragically, brother Dean was killed in a shooting accident in November 1971.

Reissues: ‘Flight Patterns’ can be found on 30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall, Sixties Rebellion Volume 9, and Aliens Psychos and Wild Things Volume 1. The flip is on Ear-Piercing Punk and the vinyl only Killer Cuts.


  • Flight Patterns / Just If She’s There (Trend, 1967)
  • Whenever You Want Me / Denis Dupree from Danville (Trend, 1969)

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