One Side Wonders #18: The Damascans – Go ‘Way Girl (1966)

Damascans_labelThe Damascans were from Charlotte, North Carolina. The band consisted of high school students Jackie Holmes (bass) and brother and sister David and Toni Naples (drums and keyboards respectively), along with guitarist Buddy Hyman, who was older and studying at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. They were sometimes joined by singer Scott Pope.

Buddy Hyman happened to live next door to Arthur Smith who ran Pyramid Records and Arthur’s nephew Lanny managed the band. The Damascans played the usual round of teen clubs, Battle of the Band competitions, school dances and parties – alongside other local outfits such as The Ravens, The Paragons, and The Crested T.

Buddy wrote both sides of the group’s only single, which was released on Pyramid Records in March 1966. ‘Go ‘Way Girl’ has a classic garage chord progression, trebly in-your-face Hammond B-3 organ, a primitive but neat break (again on keyboards), and solid lead and backing vocals with lyrics that tell the time-honoured tale of a heartbreaking girlfriend. Surely everything you could ask of a teen beat single!

‘Go ‘Way Girl’

Sadly, the story of the band ends in tragic circumstances as in 1968 Buddy Hyman was murdered, shot by another UNC Charlotte student whose ex-girlfriend he was dating.

Missing side: ‘Diane’ is a plaintive, low-key ballad.

Reissues: ‘Go ‘Way Girl’ is on Quagmire Volume 3 or Tobacco A-Go-Go Volume 2.


5 thoughts on “One Side Wonders #18: The Damascans – Go ‘Way Girl (1966)

  1. Just gotta say thanks for all the fantastic music you’ve shared here. I only recently discovered your blog and I feel like I’ve stumbled across a goldmine of Sixties’ garage & psych nuggets! Your selections are excellent and I particularly appreciate that you include the b-sides of many of the singles you feature. I also enjoy the informative notes you provide with each posting. Thanks, and keep it coming!

  2. Hi Tom, thanks very much for your kind comments and I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Plenty more, hopefully enjoyable, selections planned!

  3. Hey gilesi, I issued the Tobacco A-Go-Go comps back in the day. I’m back in the groove tracking down other Tarheel garage gems. We should compare notes.

    • Thanks Ken, I’m an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to 60 garage and psych, and certainly not an expert like yourself on North Carolina groups. I’m just about to read There Was A Time by Jacob Berger and Daniel Coston – looks interesting. And I well remember the Tobacco A-Go-Go series, so more volumes would be much appreciated!

      • The Dan Coston connection makes sense. Dan and I had both recently interviewed the keyboardist for the Damascans, and learned the murder-suicide story from her. I guess bad news travels fast. Or perhaps slow in this case.

        There were two commercial Tobacco A-Go-Go volumes issued in the 80’s. Volume 3 was a 2008 non-commercial effort that got loose, and even got some airplay. You can hear the material at: . I keep learning of new old stuff, even after all this time. Don’t hesitate to share any NC goodies you come across.

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