Classic Singles #92: The Others – I Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye / Until I Heard It From You (1965)

Naz_coverI first heard ‘I Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye’ on the 1984 album Give Daddy The Knife Cindy by Naz Nomad and the Nightmares, the sleeve of which proclaimed that the songs on the record were from the soundtrack of a (sadly fictitious) 1967 horror / exploitation movie of the same name. In fact, the album was the work of UK punks The Damned in disguise, and was mainly made up of covers that showcased their affection for 60s garage and psychedelia.

The song had originally been recorded by The Others, a band formed by three students from the University of Rhode Island who met in Freshman week in 1964: Mike Brand and Jim DeStout on guitars and Pete Shepley on vocals. The line-up was completed by John Costa from Brown University on bass (who left at end of 1965 and was replaced by Bob Johnson) and Mike Patalano on drums. The band’s sound was heavily influenced by The Beatles and other British Invasion outfits.

Others_labelOnly three or four months after The Others formed, a chance meeting between Mike Brand’s father and the manager Bob Marshall at a party lead to the band driving to the latter’s office in New York. He was impressed enough when he heard them play to take on the group and soon secured them a residency for the summer at Scott Muni’s Rolling Stone club. Marshall also arranged an audition for the band with producer Clyde Otis, which resulted in them being signed to RCA Records. Their debut single was recorded in June 1965 and released on the label in October of that year.

‘I Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye’ is an infectious rocker based upon one of those killer garage riffs, with strong lead and backing vocals and at times pounding drumming. There are a couple of sparkling lead guitar flourishes and a more than acceptable break.

‘I Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye’

‘Until I Heard It From You’ is a very pleasant mid-tempo poppy folk-rocker with neat ensemble vocals and effective high-pitched guitar work.

‘Until I Heard It From You’

Others_bandThe band’s early success ensured that they opened for many of the more established groups that visited Rhode Island such as The Byrds, The Left Banke and The Animals. They even had their own Fan Club. The two singles that followed ‘I Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye’ are also worth a listen, though they don’t reach the heights of the debut. ‘Lonely Street’ from March 1966 is a jangling ballad, and flip ‘(I Remember) The First Time I Saw You’ a more energetic folk-rocker. ‘Morning’ and ‘My Friend the Wizard’ from December 1966 are both very poppy, the former adding orchestration to the mix and the latter brief flashes of fuzz guitar in the intro and outro.

Reissues: Both sides are on Mindrocker Volume 9, and the a-side on Pebbles Volume 8 (vinyl) or Volume 10 (CD).

  • I Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye / Until I Heard It From You (RCA-Victor, 1965)
  • Lonely Street / (I Remember) The First Time I Saw You (RCA-Victor, 1966)
  • Morning / My Friend the Wizard (Jubilee, 1966)

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