Classic Singles #87: Haymarket Riot – Trip On Out / Something Else (1968)

HR_labelThere were bands in the 1960s called Haymarket Riot from Michigan, California, and Minnesota but this particular outfit were based in Enid, Oklahoma. All these acts presumably took their name from the riot (aka the Haymarket Affair) that took place in Haymarket Square in Chicago in May 1886, after an initially peaceful demonstration by workers for an eight-hour day was disrupted by a bomb thrown by an anarchist at the police as they tried to disperse the rally.

(Haymarket Square was also the name of a Chicago band who released an impossibly rare but excellent psychedelic album Magic Lantern in 1968 featuring music they composed to accompany the Baron and Bailey Light Circus as part of an installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in the city, but I digress).

The Enid, OK Haymarket Riot were apparently a six-piece and their lone single was cut in Oklahoma City and released in August 1968 on the Riot label. ‘Trip On Out’ starts confidently with brash, fuzzed out guitar chords, then the rhythm guitar and (buried in the mix) keyboards join in and we are in classic punkadelic territory. I’m not sure if the lyrics are advocating the psychedelic lifestyle but the title certainly catches the mood of the times. And the guitar break is indeed a thing of wonder as it moves from fuzzily confident to almost falling apart as the guitarist just about makes it back to the main riff. A complete stormer!

‘Trip On Out’

‘Something Else’ isn’t a cover of the Eddie Cochran gem from 1959. Presumably the title is in fact ironic, as the band didn’t have a flip side prepared when they went into the studio, so two of the group came up with the song in 15 minutes and it was recorded complete with ad-libbed lyrics. It is an entertaining enough garage shuffler but much more subdued than the a-side.

‘Something Else’

Reissues: Both sides can be found on Pebbles Volume 6 (CD not vinyl) and the a-side on 30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall.


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