Classic Singles #84: The Actress – It’s What You Give / Good Job With Prospects (1969)

actress_labelThe Actress are another of those late 60s bands not quite lost forever in the mists of time but about which scant information exists. They were from the UK and issued one single on the CBS label in February 1969. The 45 was produced by Eddie Tre-Vett, a music entrepreneur we have encountered before thanks to his involvement with the wondrous releases by The Factory.

‘It’s What You Give’ is top class psychedelic pop with a very strong melody and more than a hint of The Kinks about it. Is that a violin / cello accompaniment or a guitar played with a violin bow in the style of the legendary Eddie Phillips from freakbeat / psychedelic maestros The Creation? Either way, it’s a great addition to the arrangement.


‘It’s What You Give’

‘Good Job With Prospects’ is in my opinion even finer, a cleverly constructed rocker with sharp lyrics and some neat psychedelic guitar work. I particularly like the transition from the chorus to the languid section where the band reveal their (admittedly not too surprising) true colours of wanting to avoid the 9 to 5 grind for a more leisurely lifestyle – though, of the occupations listed, surely “film director” wouldn’t be too bad?!

‘Good Job With Prospects’

The a-side is credited to one A.Bowery and the flip to T. Licinio. And that, my friends, is all we know.

Reissues: ‘It’s What You Give’ is on Perfumed Garden Volume 3 and ‘Good Job With Prospects’ on Circus Days Volume 3.


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