Classic Singles #76: The Good Feelins – I’m Lost / Shattered (1968)

Gfs_labelThe Good Feelins were from San Bernardino, California and three of the band were students at the Valley College. Their debut single ‘I’m Captured / End of a Love’ had appeared on producer and manager Bill Bellman’s Rock-It Records in April 1967 (the same label incidentally as The Torquays’ ‘Harmonica Man’ from 1966). ‘I’m Captured’ is a fine slice of up-tempo garage pop and it’s no surprise that the 45 created enough of a buzz locally to be picked up by Liberty Records for national distribution in July of the same year.

Gfs_band‘I’m Lost / Shattered’ was the group’s follow-up single released in March 1968, again on Rock-It, but unfortunately this couldn’t repeat the success of their first release. This was nothing to do with the quality of the two new songs though. ‘I’m Lost’ is a great moody folk-rocker with strong organ and flute accompaniment, the two instruments also combining well on the break. This certainly sounds like a potential hit to my ears.

For us garage freaks it is ‘Shattered’ that steals the show though – an intense, brooding punkadelic stomper with ripping fuzz guitar, in-your-face keyboards, and a wicked dual guitar break.

‘I’m Lost’


The final single from May 1969 combines the jangling pop-psych of a-side ‘Whimper Girl’ with the heavier psych of ‘Moments of Love’ and is also worth a spin.

Reissues: ‘I’m Lost’ doesn’t appear to have been commercially compiled but ‘Shattered’ is on Pebbles Volume 9 or Essential Pebbles Volume 1 (CD) and Gone Volume 1 (vinyl).

  • I’m Captured / End of a Love (Rock-It / Liberty, 1967)
  • I’m Lost / Shattered (Rock-It, 1968)
  • Whimper Girl / Moments of Love (Rock-It, 1969)

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