Garage Gold #16: The New Breed – It’s Love / Wasting My Time (1966)

NewBreed_labelThe New Breed were from Worcester, Massachusetts and their only single appeared on the Boston-based Polaris label in August 1966.

‘It’s Love’ is catchy up-beat garage pop with some neat little guitar fills and nearly-wayward backing vocals that just add to the charm.

‘Wasting My Time’ ups the garage quotient and there is plenty to enjoy here – not least, the clean chords of the introduction, the busy bass line, the skillful and very effective shifts in tempo, and the break with its blistering reverbed fuzz guitar. All in all, a cleverly constructed number that pushes all the right buttons.

Reissues: both sides are on Bacchus Archive’s The Polaris Story; you can also find ‘Wasting My Time’ on the old vinyl comps Gone Volume 2 and New England Teen Scene Volume 1.

‘It’s Love’

‘Wasting My Time’



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