Classic Singles #67: The Exotics – Come With Me / Hymn to Her (1966)

Exotics_labelThe Exotics were from Dallas, Texas and ‘Come With Me’ was released in May 1966 on the Tad label. As early as 1963 a version of the outfit had had a local hit with ‘I Said Hey Little Girl’ on Mercury (credited to Robert Price and The Exotics and apparently recorded in Price’s living room). The garage configuration of the band came together in 1966 and included ex-members of The Floyd Dakil Combo, of frat rocker ‘Dance Franny Dance’ fame (Jetstar / Guyden, 1964).

‘Come With Me’ is an infectious, high energy punker with wicked fuzz guitar and trebly Farfisa organ that takes centre stage on the wigged out break.

‘Come With Me’

‘Hymn to Her’ takes the tempo down a few notches and is a brooding folk rock number enlivened by more neat fuzz guitar work, and the Farfisa makes a welcome return for the solo.

‘Hymn to Her’

Three of The Exotics also backed Scotty McKay on his version of Tiny Bradshaw’s ‘The Train Kept a-Rollin’’ (issued on Falcon in 1968 as The Scotty McKay Quintet). Guitarist Blair Smith was responsible for the record’s incendiary lead guitar work, which is often mistakenly attributed to Jimmy Page.

Reissues: both sides are on Acid Visions – The Complete Collection Volume 2, which also includes the two 45s released after ‘Come With Me’; the a-side is also on Garage Beat ’66 Volume 7.

  • I Said Hey Little Girl / I Want Your Good Loving Bad (Mercury, 1963)
  • Come With Me / Hymn to Her (Tad, 1966)
  • Morning Sun / Fire Engine Red (Monument, 1966)
  • Queen of Shadows / I Was Alone (Tad, 1967)

2 thoughts on “Classic Singles #67: The Exotics – Come With Me / Hymn to Her (1966)

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  2. This was my big brothers band. Robert Price he was my idol. I can remember them like it was yesterday in our living room playing until late my Mom backing them all the way. Robert u were the best I love u my brother always.

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