Garage Gold #13: Beethoven’s Fifth – Come Down / The Last Thing on My Mind (1967)

BF_labelI guess that if you are going to name your band after a Beethoven symphony, then the Fifth is as good a choice as any. Fate knocking on the door and all that. Esteemed reference work Teenbeat Mayhem states that this outfit may possibly have had a non-US origin, though this hasn’t been confirmed. What can be said is that the 45 was recorded in New York City in May 1967 and released on MGM the following month.

‘Come Down’ is an ultra cool slice of uptempo garage pop with excellent lead guitar work throughout – and I always think you can’t go wrong with a twin guitar break and this one is particularly fine.

‘The Last Thing on My Mind’ is a jangling folk rocker with a strong melody and yet more sterling lead guitar. Wherever they were from, these guys had a lot of potential I think and it’s a shame that this one single was their only output.

‘Come Down’

‘The Last Thing on My Mind’

Reissues: ‘Come Down’ is on Pebbles Volume 9 (vinyl); the flip is yet to be commercially compiled.


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