Classic Singles #62: The Modds – All the Time in the World / Leave My House (1966)

Modds_labelFor many 60s garage aficionados, the more primitive and raw a recording the higher its cachet. ‘Leave My House’ by The Modds from Poplar Bluff, Missouri fits that bill perfectly. It was the flip to the infinitely more restrained ‘All the Time in the World’, a pleasant ballad with jangling guitars and understated vocals.

On the b-side though, things really take off. This brooding punker is dominated by the bumblebee fuzz of the lead guitar, which reaches incredible heights on the tuneless but wonderful break where the distortion levels plunge into the red and it sounds like the amp must be about to explode.

The single is notorious for the lead guitar and sneering vocals drowning out everything else but the version here is taken from the original reel to reel tape discovered a little while back in Jonesboro, Arkansas by collector Harold Ott, which allows the bass, drums, and rhythm guitar to be heard more clearly in the mix. I strongly recommend the series of Lost Souls compilations on Harold’s Psych of the South label, which focus on garage and psychedelic groups from Arkansas (and Missouri).

‘All the Time in the World’

‘Leave My House’


The band were students at the local high school and featured brothers Steve and Eddie Simone – Steve on lead guitar and vocals on ‘Leave My House’ and Eddie on bass. Lead vocals on ‘All the Time in the World’ were handled by second guitarist John George.

The  45 was recorded at Hays Music Store, a local guitar shop, and DJs Jerry McDaniel and Bill Harper from local radio station KLID, who managed the band and recorded them on station equipment to play on their shows, used their influence to get the single released on the Memphis-based American-National label. The band later recorded a whole album’s worth of material but sadly this has been lost to the mists of time.

Reissues: both sides appear on Lost Souls Volume 2 and there is also a picture sleeve 45 on Groovie Records drawn from the same source. You can also find ‘Leave My House’ on Teenage Shutdown Volume 13 and Pebbles Volume 11 (vinyl).


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