Garage Gold #11: Thursday’s Children – You’ll Never Be My Girl / Try Girl (1966)

ThursChildren_labelFrom Houston, Texas, this band formed in 1964 as The Druids and changed their name to Thursday’s Children the following year. Their debut single was initially released on the Paradise label (which also issued The Warlocks’ ‘Life is Misery / Splash Day’), then on Kidd in April 1966.

After a short introduction, an urgent, staccato rhythm propels ‘You’ll Never Be My Girl’ forward, only letting up on the catchy bridge. Trebly organ weaves in and out of proceedings and there is a fine incisive, jagged guitar break.

‘Try Girl’ is an appealing poppy number with excellent vocals and harmonies taking centre stage and a strident keyboard break.

‘You’ll Never Be My Girl’

‘Try Girl’

Their next two 45s, both also very good and well worth tracking down, appeared on Lelan Rogers’ revered International Artists label, which should need no introduction as home to true legends The 13th Floor Elevators, The Golden Dawn, The Red Krayola, and many more.

Reissues: Both sides are on Acid Visions – The Complete Collection Volume 1. The a-side is also on Pebbles Volume 5 and ‘Try Girl’ on Trip to the Psychedelic World.

  • You’ll Never Be My Girl / Try Girl (Paradise / Kidd, 1966)
  • Dominoes / Air Conditioned Man (International Artists, 1966)
  • Help, Murder, Police / You Can Forget About That (International Artists, 1967)
  • No More Rock and Roll / Before I Die (Rampart Street, 1969)

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