Garage Gold #10: The No-Na-Mee’s – Gotta Hold On / Just Wanna Be Myself (1966)

no-names_labelThere’s not too much known about this outfit, which makes their moniker seem very apt, as it looks to be a stylised version of “The No Name(y)s”. They were from Modesto, California and issued their single in July 1966 on Hollywood’s Era Records – the same label that brought us Ty Wagner’s ‘Slander’ the same year and The Lyrics’ ‘So What!!’ in 1965 (the second time I have mentioned that fine San Diego band, perhaps a sign that they deserve a post of their own).

‘Gotta Hold On’ is a pulverising high tempo rocker with a verse underpinned by a great, angular riff, a could-have-been-a-hit chorus, and a swinging keyboard solo.

‘Just Wanna Be Myself’ continues in up-tempo fashion, adding jangling guitars and a hyperactive bass to the folk rocking mix, with moody vocals and this time a short but sparkling guitar break.

‘Gotta Hold On’

‘Just Wanna Be Myself’

Reissues: ‘Gotta Hold On’ is on Gravel Volume 3, the flip on Highs in the Mid Sixties Volume 20.


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