Garage Gold #9: The Barons – Time and Time Again / Now You’re Mine (1966)

Barons_labelThe Barons was a pretty common band name in the 1960s. This particular bunch were from Washington, DC and are obscure enough to miss out on a listing in the 2010 edition of Vernon Joynson’s Fuzz, Acid and Flowers, the monolithic reference work on US garage and psychedelia. This is not to say that their lone single on the S.R.O label from May 1966 lacks merit. On the contrary, it is a fine example of the 60s garage sound.

The group formed in early 1965 and included brothers James and Steve Packett on vocals/guitar and drums respectively. The 45 was recorded at a New York City studio in early 1966, and the single was distributed almost exclusively in the southern United States, where it received a fair amount of radio play. The band lip-synched to the a-side on a performance on WDCA-TV’s Wing Ding show.

‘Time and Time Again’ is dominated by jangling guitars and has one of those classic 60s garage chord progressions. The song was apparently influenced by The Byrds (The Barons had been playing covers of their songs in their set along with the usual British Invasion and Motown numbers). Maybe the vocals and harmonies are a little wayward in places but this number has a great deal of charm nonetheless.

‘Time and Time Again’

‘Now You’re Mine’ is a short, urgent rocker based around a killer riff and has more than a hint of The Kinks about it. In my opinion, the vocals benefit from a touch of reverb and there is a suitably primitive guitar break.

‘Now You’re Mine’

It is thought there are less than 10 copies of the 45 in existence; in one of those typical twists of fate, before the single’s rediscovery in the 1990s the mother of guitarist Dave Olson threw out around 100 copies that were taking up too much space and of course at the time seemed worthless.

Reissues: the a-side is on Diggin’ For Gold Volume 10 (vinyl), ‘Now You’re Mine’ on Mayhem and Psychosis Volume 1 (CD) and Bury My Body.


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