Classic Singles #58: The Illusions – City of People / Wait Till The Summer (1966)

Illusions_labelAnother band lost in the mists of time it would seem – what is known is that The Illusions were a four-piece from St. Clair Shores, Michigan who released this incendiary single on Michelle Records in September 1966.

‘City of People’ is classic garage punk with tinny guitars and cool, sneering vocals that tell of the plight of the teen outsider, singled out and ridiculed for their appearance but defiant in their response. Full marks too for a guitar break that is ultra-basic but works perfectly in context.

The flip is more of a jangling, folky ballad, but in its way is just as impressive. ‘Wait Till The Summer’ has a fantastic, wistful melody line on the verse and a sing-a-long harmony chorus. Needless to say, the guitarist chips in with another rudimentary but fun guitar solo.

‘City of People’

‘Wait Till The Summer’

This really is a brilliant single. Now I just have to find the 500 or so bucks needed to acquire a copy…

Reissues: ‘City of People’ is on Back From the Grave Volume 2 and the Glimpses Volumes 1 and 2 CD, the flip on Teenage Shutdown Volume 5.


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