Garage Gold #8: The Hustlers – My Mind’s Made Up / If You Try (1966)

Hustlers_labelThe Hustlers from Miami, Florida were apparently heavily influenced by Revolver-period Beatles but I also hear The Byrds in the sharp vocals and harmonies on both sides of their only single on the Chelle label.

‘My Mind’s Made Up’ is a jaunty, up tempo jangler with busy guitars and bass and a smattering of fuzz. All in all, a very pleasant little number.

‘If You Try’ is a sheer delight with its twin guitars – one fuzzed up and the other playing an almost raga-like riff. The influence of The Byrds on the vocals is more pronounced than on the a-side, the melody line very strong, and there’s a short but inspired guitar break. I also like the way the song is constructed as it doesn’t follow the standard verse-chorus, verse-chorus format.

‘My Mind’s Made Up’

‘If You Try’

Reissues: The a-side is on Psychedelic States: Florida In The 60s Volume 2 and ‘If You Try’ on Psychedelic Crown Jewels Volume 2. Gear Fab have also put out a band retrospective The Hustlers including the single and a host of previously unreleased material.


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