Classic Singles #57: The Huns – Winning Ticket / Destination Lonely (1966)

Huns_label2This Chicago, Illinois band’s lone single was issued twice on the Rock N’ Jazz label in November 1966. The initial press had a blue label (reputedly limited to just 100 copies), and the more common second press a red label (though “common” is a relative term here as a copy still sold on eBay for $700+). But the difference between the two pressings was more than cosmetic. An airplane engine sound effect was added to ‘Winning Ticket’, and reverb to the vocals on ‘Destination Lonely’.

‘Winning Ticket’ is a fine jangling folk rocker with plaintive vocals and effective backing harmonies. This is the red label version with the added sound effects; they are used judiciously and I think they work well and enhance the number.

Huns_bandFor ‘Destination Lonely’ I have chosen the blue label version without the reverb. This seems superior to the later version to me, more punchy and with greater clarity on the instruments as well as vocals.

A jagged riff drives the song along and underpins a powerful, wailing performance from singer David Grundhoefer, crunching fuzz chords herald a fiery guitar break, and the songs ends in a most satisfying wall of fuzztone.

An absolute killer!

Reissues: the blue label versions haven’t been compiled but you can find the red label ‘Winning Ticket’ on Pebbles Volume 6 or Trip in Tyme Volume 4, and ‘Destination Lonely’ on Garage Punk Unknowns Volume 2 or Destination Frantic Volume 3.


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