One Side Wonders #13: The Fallen Angels – Bad Woman (1970)

FallenAngels_labelNot to be confused with The Fallen Angels from Annapolis, Maryland who recorded the understated but (in my opinion) all-time great psychedelic album It’s A Long Way Down for Roulette in 1968, these guys were students at the university in Syracuse, New York.

‘Bad Woman’ is an absolute garage punk belter that opens and closes with a simple but effective lead guitar figure over the pulsing rhythm, has a neat call and response chorus, and a raucous fuzz guitar break.

‘Bad Woman’

If you find it hard to believe that this number dates from as late as 1970, then you are right. The band got together in 1965 and the song was recorded in October 1966 but it didn’t see the light of day until the Eceip label issued the single in December 1970. The lo-fi nature of the a-side is due to the fact that it was mastered from the worn acetate that had been cut at the original recording session.

Missing side: there isn’t one really, as the flip ‘Pimples and Braces’ was a 50s influenced novelty number recorded by a different artist, Ric Gary.

The Chesterfield Kings include an excellent cover of ‘Bad Woman’ on their 1985 Stop! long player.

Reissues: ‘Bad Woman’ is on Teenage Shutdown Volume 4, Best of Pebbles Volume 2, and the Off The Wall Volumes 1 and 2 CD.


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