One Side Wonders #12: The Dave Heenan Set – Alice In Wonderland (1967)

DHS_labelLewis Carroll’s 1865 children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was of course a fertile source of inspiration for the 60s psychedelic generation, and here is a nice example from The Dave Heenan Set from Long Island, New York released on Epic in 1967. Swirling early Floyd style keyboards and a neat backwards guitar solo help to create a suitably trippy atmosphere for the a-side of their single.

Heehan himself was an ex-pat from Newcastle, England. He left the band after this 45 and they changed name to The Glitterhouse and released an album Color Blind and a brace of singles in 1968 on Dynovoice. They also provided music for that kitsch gem of 60s science fiction movies Barbarella.

‘Alice In Wonderland’

Missing side: ‘So Many Roads’

Reissues: you can track ‘Alice In Wonderland’ down on The Glitterhouse: Almost Complete Recordings 1966 to 1974, a release put out by their keyboard player Moogy Klingman.

UPDATE (26th October 2013): I’ve added the missing side ‘So Many Roads’ below. It is a catchy pop rocker with neat guitar harmonics during the quieter sections and pleasing use of harpsichord on the verse and chorus. (Apologies for the surface noise at the beginning of the record; sound quality improves quite quickly though).

‘So Many Roads’


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