Garage Gold #7: The Black and Blues – Come To Me / Bye Bye Baby (1967)

BandBs_labelRipping fuzz guitar? Check. Strong melody that will worm its way into your consciousness, delivered in raucous fashion by a confident vocalist? Check. Wigged out guitar break verging on the raga-esque? Check. Anderson, Indiana’s The Black and Blues did indeed have all the bases covered on ‘Come To Me’, the a-side of their debut single issued by United Artists (yes, a major label!) in November 1967.

Flipside ‘Bye Bye Baby’ takes a Bo Diddley ‘Mona’-style rhythm complete with harmonica and adds vocals with very much a folk-rock feel to them, and mixes in some very neat guitar work for good measure.

‘Come To Me’

‘Bye Bye Baby’

By 1969, the band had moved with the times and ‘Candy Castles’ is a nice pop psych number that would certainly appeal if you dig the likes of the Rubble compilations.

Reissues: find both sides on Finest Hours of U.S. 60’s Punk and Sixties Archives Volume 5;  ‘Come To Me’ is also on Psychedelic States: Indiana In The 60s Volume 1.

  • Come To Me / Bye Bye Baby (United Artists, 1967)
  • Candy Castles / Midsummer Night’s Dream (Talun, 1969)

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