Classic Singles #49: The Beautiful Daze – City Jungle Part 1 / City Jungle Part 2 (1968)

BeautifulDaze_labelThis single appeared on no less than three different labels in 1968: RPR, Spread City, and Alpha (on the last the band were credited as More Beautiful Daze). As RPR was a Hollywood label it is assumed that The Beautiful Daze were from Los Angeles, California (perhaps by way of the Pacific Northwest, though that might be because co-writer J. Greek is thought to have been John Greek, guitarist in an early line-up of Tacoma, Washington’s Wailers).

Of course, the 45 could be the work of a studio group, but tantalisingly there is a Beautiful Daze listed as support for The Santana Blues Band (as they were then known) when they played The Matrix Club in San Francisco on 18 to 20 January 1968, certainly not a long trek for an L.A. band to make.

‘City Jungle’ is in fact one long fuzzadelic rave-up edited into two parts for the single. ‘Part 1’ is the vocal side, with a melody that shows a strong pop sensibility, albeit accompanied by full-on fuzz and punctuated by frenzied raga-like breaks.

‘City Jungle Part 1’

‘Part 2’ is the instrumental side, and as the track fades in we are in the middle of a wigged out section that breaks down into feedback before it develops into a mind frying twin-guitar assault on the senses that eventually ends with what sounds like an imitation of police sirens. The City Jungle indeed. Joyous!

‘City Jungle Part 2’

Reissues: You can find both sides on High All the Time Volume 1 or Sixties Archives Volume 8.


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