Classic Singles #48 – The Bare Facts – Georgiana / Bad Part of Town (1966)

barefacts_labelThe Bare Facts formed in the early Spring of 1966 in Portsmouth, Ohio and released their debut single on Jubilee in October of that year. They were managed by Dave Craig, who had moved to Portsmouth from New York, and discovered the band when he saw them perform at a children’s home in Wheelersburg. His business partner in New York, disc jockey Bill Callahan, secured them a record deal, and they recorded the 45 at the Jay Gee / Jubilee studios on Broadway.

‘Georgiana’ is not surprisingly the more commercial of the two sides, a great tune driven along by a neat little guitar figure and keyboards, and topped off by some wailing harmonica during the instrumental break.



‘Bad Part of Town’ is nothing to do with the song by The Seeds (that was released much later of course). Both sides of the single were written by Bill Williams, the band’s leader and chief songwriter. It is an absolute corker, with musical ideas aplenty. Initially propelled along by another cool, nagging guitar riff, it then wrong foots us completely as it dramatically shifts into a section with strident keyboards and stinging guitar work that ups in tempo before the chorus returns, then we are back to the original riff to accompany a swirling keyboard finish.

The record wasn’t a national hit but sold thousands locally and The Bare Facts made a number of television appearances, including the UPBEAT show in Cleveland.

‘Bad Part of Town’

They stayed together until August 1967 and even moved to Florida briefly that Summer, opening for The Left Banke on one occasion, but at this point they were without a manger or agent and it wasn’t long until they headed back to Portsmouth and called it a day.

Reissues: both sides are on The Finest Hours Of U.S. 60’s Punk; you can also find ‘Bad Part of Town’ on Mayhem and Psychosis Volume 1.

  • Georgiana / Bad Part of Town (Jubilee, 1966)
  • The Only Thing / To Think (Josie, 1967)

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