Classic Singles #43: Danny and The Counts – You Need Love / Ode To The Wind (1966)

danny_label“More garage punk! More sitars!”, I hear you cry. Well, you are in luck thanks to Danny and The Counts from El Paso, Texas. Actually, that isn’t strictly true though I am sure when you listen to ‘You Need Love’ you will swear that you can hear a sitar (I certainly used to think so), though apparently this isn’t the case.

According to singer and song-writer Danny Parra, the band wouldn’t even have known what that exotic instrument was at the time the single was recorded. He recalls that a small glass bottle or lipstick cover was used as a slide to achieve the effect (so we can’t even put it down to a Vox Wah-Wah pedal making “your guitar sound like a sitar”!).

‘You Need Love’ is a cool punk rocker that starts with clean guitar arpeggios before the drums and fuzz guitar kick in and Danny regales us with the tale of a “poor little rich girl” who may have everything in terms of money and possessions but is still missing love – and that’s the one thing Danny can provide. This is top notch 60s garage and the “sitar” is simply the icing on an already premium quality cake!

‘You Need Love’


Both sides of the 45 have a lo-fi sound (not uncommon for garage bands of course and often prized!). The recordings were made in one take for $75 in a downtown El Paso studio. The fee paid for an hour of studio time with a less than enthusiastic audio engineer and a master tape of the songs at the end.

‘Ode To The Wind’ is a moody and brooding down-tempo number with a plaintive melody and judicious use of fuzz guitar.

The single was released in August 1966 on the Coronado label and was the band’s second release. By the way, the ‘For Your Love’ on their debut is in fact a ballad rather a cover of the The Yardbirds’ classic.

‘Ode To The Wind’

Reissues: both sides are on Texas Punk From The Sixties; ‘You Need Love’ is also on Pebbles Volume 5.

  • For Your Love / It’s All Over (Frogdeath, 1966)
  • You Need Love / Ode To The Wind (Coronado, 1966)

One thought on “Classic Singles #43: Danny and The Counts – You Need Love / Ode To The Wind (1966)

  1. I recently discovered Garage Rock, Way too late offcourse, I dont like all songs but ”Ode to the wind’ is a big favourite, i also like “I,m for things you do ” from The Enfields, Or ”In love,s Shadow” from The Choir, And ” Stay away” from Mystic Tide is a diamond also.

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