Classic Singles #38: T.C. Atlantic – Faces / Baby Please Don’t Go (1966)

TCA_labelT.C. Atlantic were from Minneapolis, Minnesota and, as you can see from their discography, they had quite a few releases in a comparatively long career (for a garage band). Nothing else they recorded is like ‘Faces’ though, which appeared on the Turtle label in June 1966. This is a fuzz-driven punkadelic masterpiece with suitably trippy lyrics and not one but two guitar breaks where the “clean” guitar duels with what sounds like an organ fed through a fuzz pedal in a most pleasing and evocative manner.

‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ is of course one of the blues standards that 60s garage bands loved to cover. T.C. Atlantic dispatch it with remarkable economy, a sprightly 1 minute 30 seconds, and still manage to include quite a lengthy guitar break.


‘Baby Please Don’t Go’

The band released a live album in 1967 on Dove Records. This isn’t going to change your life but it is a reasonably well-recorded effort (considering the limitations of the time) and includes versions of most of their single sides up to that point along with standards such as ‘Lovelight’ (complete with drum solo), ‘Smokestack Lightning’, and ‘Stand By Me’. But no ‘Faces’ unfortunately.

It should be noted that the ‘Faces’ on the flip of the later ‘Love Is Just’ single is a different and inferior version.

Reissues: Both ‘Faces’ and ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ are on The Best of T.C. Atlantic on Bacchus Archives, which brings together most of their 45s and some unreleased material. ‘Faces’ has also been on a number of compilations including Pebbles Volume 3 and The Finest Hours of US 60s Punk.



  • Once Upon a Melody / I Love You So Little Girl (Aesop’s, 1965)
  • Mona / My Babe (B Sharp, 1966)
  • Faces / Baby Please Don’t Go (Turtle, 1966)
  • Shake / Spanish Harlem (Turtle, 1966)
  • 20 Years Ago (In Speedy’s Kitchen) / I’m So Glad (Candy Floss, 1968)
  • Love Is Just / Faces (Parrot, 1969)
  • Judgement Train / Shine the Light (Paramount, 1971)


  • Live at The Bel-Rae Ballroom (Dove, 1967)

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