Classic Singles #37: The Rubayyat – If I Were a Carpenter / Ever, Ever Land (1968)

Rubayyat_labelThe Rubayyat (aka Electric Rubayyat) were a short-lived band from the Austin/San Antonio region of Texas. The band included Danny Galindo who had been bassist in the 13th Floor Elevators and appeared on their masterpiece Easter Everywhere. In fact, you could say that The Rubbayat was something of a Texan super group, as within its ranks were also Bill Hallmark from psychedelic maestros The Golden Dawn, and Al Acosta and Sam Allen from garage legends The Stoics.

‘If I Were a Carpenter’ has been a favourite of mine since I heard it many moons ago on Endless Journey Phase 3. It is of course a cover of the Tim Hardin song but done in an electric folk style with some great fluid lead guitar-work and male/female vocals. Not one for the garage purists I appreciate but if you like psychedelic sounds I don’t think you will be disappointed.

‘If I Were a Carpenter’

‘Ever Ever Land’ is a band original and is quite an understated folky ballad with a nice melody line on the chorus.

‘Ever Ever Land’

The single was recorded at Gold Star Studios in Houston and released on the International Artists label (home to among others The Elevators, The Golden Dawn, Bubble Puppy and The Red Krayola).

The band never really existed beyond the single. Danny Galindo and Bill Hallmark did not take part in a gig they played at Love Street in Houston, and by September 1968 Danny had moved on to New Atlantis.

Reissues: both sides are on Charly’s Never Ever Land compilation.


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