One Side Wonders #8: The Cave Men – It’s Trash (1966)

Cave Men_labelThese particular Cave Men (easy to distinguish from other 60s bands of the same name as they separated the two words rather than adopting the more common Cavemen) were from Key West, Florida. Their one moment of vinyl glory came out on the Chelle label in August 1966, tucked away on the b-side of a ballad.

From the moment the words “It’s trash” are shrieked out at the start of the song you know you are in safe hands. The heavy use of reverb and echo on the vocals certainly gives the singer an even more demented quality, backed by raw fuzz chords that are later augmented by a simple two-note figure on guitar. There is a stinging guitar break, and the whole thing is topped off with a short rave-up finish. It’s a monster and no mistake!

‘It’s Trash’

Missing side: ‘The Pillow Bit’ (described by Teenbeat Mayhem as a “moody melancholy ballad with jazzy guitar”).

There are also some acetate recordings by the band – covers of The Music Machine’s ‘Talk Talk’, The Monkees’ ‘I’m a Believer’, and the R&B standard ‘Mustang Sally’ (not to be confused with The Cavemen from New Jersey who can be seen on YouTube performing the same song in their Flintstones gear in a clip from a 1966 edition of The Mike Douglas Show).

Reissues: ‘It’s Trash’ has appeared on a number of compilations – a couple of good choices would be Psychedelic States: Florida In The 60s Part 3 or Teenage Shutdown Volume 4.


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