Garage Gold #4: Apollo’s Apaches – Boss (Be Good to Me) / Cry Me a Lie (1967)


We’ve already featured the debut single by Apollo’s Apaches, and as the a-side of their follow-up is equally as good let’s move straight on to that. The band’s second 45 was released on the Barra-Donna label in June 1967.

‘Boss (Be Good to Me)’ kicks off with jangling guitar arpeggios and is an infectious foot-tapper with an effective change of tempo with spoken lyrics mid-song. I love that “plinking” sound they use on this one – though I’m not sure whether it is done by scraping the strings on the guitar between the nut and the tuning pegs or if they are hammering away at a note at the top of the register on a piano.

‘Boss (Be Good to Me)’

The flip is the same version of ‘Cry Me a Lie’ as on their debut 45, so I won’t post that again.

There is also an acetate version of the a-side with the shortened title ‘Boss’. This was recorded at the same sessions as the tracks on the first single. It is slower in tempo and has a rawer feel than the released version, especially on the guitar parts. I would rate it different enough to be worth a spin in its own right.

‘Boss’ [acetate version]

Reissues: the single version of ‘Boss’ is on Let’s Dig ‘Em Up Volume 3; the acetate version on Yeah Yeah Yeah.


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