Garage Gold #2: The Amberjacks – Hey Eriq! / Blue Jaunte (1966)

Amberjacks_labelThe Amberjacks were from Baldwin, New York and released their one single on the Migliore label in August 1966.

On ‘Hey Eriq!’, a short guitar intro is the herald for an up-tempo raver with strong melody and vocals. In place of the the usual guitar or keyboard solo the band opt to strip things back to drums and vocals for the break, before the song kicks off again.

‘Blue Jaunte’ is inspired by Alfred Bester’s 1956 science-fiction novel The Stars My Destination. This is set in the far future when humanity has learnt to teleport or “jaunte” from one place to another, provided the person teleporting knows the exact locations of the points they are jaunting to and from. A blue jaunte is a suicidal teleport made when you don’t know your precise location or that of the place you are jumping to. No surprises then that the subject matter of this thoughtful number is somewhat downbeat!

‘Hey Eriq!’

‘Blue Jaunte’

Reissues: You can find the a-side on Back From The Grave Volume 8, and the flip on Teenage Shutdown Volume 6.


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