One Side Wonders #7: Teddy and His Patches – Haight-Ashbury (1967)

TeddyHA_labelWe have already featured the debut 45 by these San Jose maestros as a Classic Single. Teddy and His Patches followed this up in June 1967 with another great side, again on the Chance label.

The first verse of ‘Haight-Ashbury’ bemoans all the hassles heaped upon your average long-haired hipster by The Man. But it seems that Teddy and the boys are lulling us into a false sense of security, as judging by the lyrics of the chorus they weren’t that enamoured of the birthplace of the Summer of Love and its freaked out inhabitants: “I’m telling you it’s always like this, living a life of a fairy, To be stuck for the rest of your life, in forsaken Haight-Ashbury”!

Add to the above the cool way that this song builds as it goes along, the neat Eastern sounding guitar-work in the solo, and the judicious use of Suzy Creamcheese style sound effects, and we can only conclude that we have another punkadelic masterpiece on our hands, my friends!


Missing side: ‘I Ain’t Nothin’ (described by Teenbeat Mayhem as “vaudeville influenced pop with kazoo”).

Reissues: ‘Haight-Ashbury’ is probably easiest to track down on Arf Arf’s A Heavy Dose of Light Psych.


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