Garage Gold #1: Angie and The New Raiders – It’s a Lie / Sounds of The New Raiders (1966)

Today I’m starting a new category focusing on ultra-obscurities from the US garage scene. Information on the bands will probably be scant or non-existent but the music will speak for itself! Garage Gold selections may be primitive in terms of recording quality or execution, but they will be chock full of the raw energy and enthusiasm that makes this genre of music so exciting to so many.

Angie and the New Raiders were from Hazleton, Pennsylvania and released this single on the JMC label. A cheeky guitar figure kicks off ‘It’s a Lie’, a moody garage mover with a sing-along chorus, and what can only be called a minimalist drum break towards the end of the song.


The flip-side starts with some slow keyboard chords but quickly morphs into an up-tempo instrumental that will have you frugging around your living room (or wherever else you are listening) before you know it.


Reissues: ‘It’s a Lie’ is on Hang It Out To Dry; the b-side is uncompiled.


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