One Side Wonders #3: A-440 – Torture (1967)

“Two-faced people have no eyes, Mirrors reflect all their lies”

a440_labelAnother awesome offering from a Texan band, this time from Houston. ‘Torture’ was the b-side of their debut single on the Sona label. It was co-written by Rock Romano, guitarist in local bands The Six Pents and The Fun and Games (who released an album called Elephant Candy on Uni in 1968). Apparently, Romano wasn’t a regular member of A-440 but did play guitar on this single.

‘Torture’ is the epitome of musical styles in transition, mixing insistent, slightly sinister, garage-style verses with a more psychedelic, dreamy chorus.

The band have sometimes been linked with a double album titled Ulysses – The Greek Suite, released many years later in 1978. This was a concept piece based on Greek mythology, though I believe that the consensus now is that this was recorded by a different A-440.


Missing side: ‘It’s Just Your Mind’

Reissues: ‘Torture’ is on Acid Visions – The Complete Collection Volume 1 or Mindrocker Volume 4.

  • It’s Just Your Mind / Torture (Sona, 1967)
  • When I Get Out / So Watch Out (Cinema, 1967)
  • Instructions: Please Do Not Open Before Christmas / Santa Claus Is Comin’ Yeah! (Cinema, 1967)

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