Classic Singles #30: Veil – How’s Your Mother, Sweetie? / Something’s Wrong (1969)

Veil_labelNot much is known about these guys I am afraid, except that they were from the Bay Area of California and released this lone 45 on the Track VIII label. The single was co-produced by Norm Lombardo, who had been in legendary San Diego outfit Brain Police.

Lame title aside, the a-side is a poppy number with a Doors feel, thanks both to the keyboards and the arrangement, but it is The Doors of ‘Love Street’ rather than ‘Five to One’, which may limit its appeal somewhat. It has a nice chorus though, really lifting the energy of the song.

‘How’s Your Mother, Sweetie?’

The flip is an absolute belter. This should be (and perhaps is) being played at 60s garage and psych nights across the world, as surely it is a guaranteed dance-floor filler. The lyrics may be slightly ominous in tone, but the song itself skips along in upbeat fashion and concludes with a great swinging keyboard solo.

‘Something’s Wrong’

Reissues: ‘Something’s Wrong’ can be found on Wyld Sydes Volume 2 or Fuzz, Flaykes, and Shakes Volume 4. The a-side hasn’t been compiled as yet.


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