Classic Singles #29: The Liverpool Set – Seventeen Tears to the End / Change Your Mind (1966)

Liverpool set_labelSo far all the selections for Classic Singles have been from the United States. So, let’s widen our focus a little by crossing over the border to Canada, where the Liverpool Set had been bringing their Merseybeat inspired sound to the masses since late 1964. The band had been formed by Montreal-born bassist Shane Sennett and included emigrants from the United Kingdom as well as Maple Leaf natives.

‘Seventeen Tears to the End’ certainly has Fab Four style harmonies and melody but, in a complete departure from their other singles, also has punishing reverb-heavy fuzz guitar, wicked soloing, wailing harmonica, and frantic drumming that propels the song along at pace. Fantastic stuff!

‘Seventeen Tears to the End’

‘Change Your Mind’ is more mainstream but still a charming folk-rock ballad.

‘Change Your Mind’

Reissues: The a-side came to my attention on Mayhem and Psychosis Volume 1, but is probably easier found on Gravel Volume 5 or the Off the Wall Volumes 1+2 CD. ‘Change Your Mind’ has not been compiled.

  • Must I Tell You (I Love You) / Miss You So (Columbia, 1965)
  • Oh Gee Girl / Walking the Dog (Columbia, 1966)
  • Seventeen Tears to the End / Change Your Mind (Columbia, 1966)

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