Classic Singles #27: Satori – 1,000 Micrograms of Love / Time Machine (1967)

“Your eyes light up with a lightning bolt, As I see your brain, And you travel through a thunderstorm, Of electric rain…”

Satori_labelWhat were they putting in the water in Texas in the late 1960s? The Lone Star State was home to so many garage psych classics it beggars belief. This particular mind mangling monster was the work of multi-instrumentalist Dennis Warkentin from Houston. It was released on the Steffek label, which also put out 45s by The Lavender Hour and The Cave Dwellers.

The a-side is somewhat downbeat and bluesy with gruff vocals. But at its heart it is advocating a Summer of Love lifestyle – “There’s one thing missing from your Great Society, Something that we all need…”. The dosage suggested would of course be so extreme as to shatter all notions of conventional reality.

The flip ‘Time Machine’ is the killer here though with its unrelenting guitar that  buzzes around like a swarm of angry wasps, creating a  maelstrom of sound that is an all too fitting accompaniment to the lysergic lyrics.  My only criticism is that it at 1 minute 40 seconds it is too short, and like The Outcasts’ ‘1523 Blair’ your immediate reaction is to play it through again as soon as it finishes.

Reissues: ‘1,000 Micrograms of Love’ is on Sixties Archives Volume 6 and ‘Time Machine’ on Acid Visions – The Complete Collection Volume 1.


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