One Side Wonders #2: The Twilighters – Nothing Can Bring Me Down (1968)

“My mind is so messed up, Nothing can bring me down, Nothing is good or strong enough, Nothing can save me now…”

twilighters_labelOh my giddy aunt  – this is one hell of a tune! Coming out of Waco in Texas, The Twilighters unleashed a psychedelic assault up there with the best in the genre. Wicked fuzz guitar, searing wah-wah soloing, and half intelligible lyrics that proclaim that these dudes had well and truly broken through to the other side and were in danger of never coming back.

I had the privilege as a whippersnapper many moons ago to see Pussy Galore play live at a small venue in Manchester, England – the only band I have ever seen who when the house lights were turned down asked for them to be turned back up so that they could see to play their instruments. Maybe that was for effect though! Imagine my surprise when they launched into a raucous cover of this song, played at about three times the speed and omitting all the crazy soloing. Happy days!

Missing side: ‘I Need You’ (in complete contrast to the a-side this is a laid-back ballad. The only rip I have heard skips a couple of times. There must be a better version out there somewhere. I won’t be buying a copy to fill the gap just yet though, as the 45 is a $500+ item!)

Reissues: the a-side is on Texas Flashbacks Volume 2 and The Psychedelic Experience Volumes 1+2 CD.


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