One Side Wonders #1: The Backgrounds – Day Breaks at Dawn (1967)

Backgrounds_labelOne of the criteria for a Classic Single is that both sides of the 45 must be available for your listening pleasure. But that leaves a whole slew of great tracks where the flip has never been included on a compilation or isn’t available in some other form in the Cosmic Mind vaults.

So, I thought rather than depriving you of these gems I would start a parallel series to Classic Singles of so-called One Side Wonders. All killer, no filler!

Of course, should the missing flip become available the One Side Wonder in question will be upgraded to Classic Single status with all possible haste.

Let’s begin with this mind frazzler from The Backgrounds, a band hailing from an unknown location in California. A siren wail of noise heralds not only ripping fuzz guitar but also full-on acid freakout guitar. Two for the price of one! ‘Day Breaks at Dawn’ has an infectious melody belted out by a confident singer that will permeate every fibre of your being. As George Harrison might have said, this heavyweight psychedelic masterpiece is “all too much”!

Missing side: ‘Oh Baby Please Take Me’.

Reissues: the a-side is on Fuzz, Flaykes, and Shakes Volume 2.


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