Classic Singles #25: The Chob – We’re Pretty Quick / Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (1967)

Chob_labelI have no idea what Albuquerque, New Mexico was like as a place to live in the mid 60s but it certainly seems to have had more than its fair share of top class garage bands, so I can only assume that there was a wild scene going on among its young denizens. Already in Classic Singles we’ve sampled the delights of The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 and The Burgundy Runn, and now we can add The Chob to our list.

Like The Burgundy Runn’s ‘Stop!’ this single was issued on Lindy Blaskey’s Lavette label. This was in fact the band’s second release as they had also put out a 45 as The Choab in 1966 (but more of that another time).

‘We’re Pretty Quick’ is surely everything we are looking for in a garage punk monster – a frantic intro is followed by ultra cool verse and chorus with that classic guitar/organ backing and a totally wigged out reverb laden guitar solo. The singer is so hip that he almost throws the words away. I can remember as a callow youth in a garage band of my own covering this killer and having to listen to the lyrics over and over again to try to work them out, and even then in places we could only guess.

And what do we have on the flip? Only an excellent cover of The Young Rascal’s 1965 debut hit. Enjoy!

Reissues: Both sides are on Eva’s New Mexico Punk From The Sixties, or you can find the a-side on Big Beat’s Uptight Tonight (which by the way is a very sound introduction to 60s garage music in its own right).


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