Classic Singles #23: The Remaining Few – Painted Air / In the Morning (1968)

Remaining Few_labelThe Remaining Few hailed from San Angelo, Texas, and were the house band at their home town’s 13th Hour club for a couple of years. Only 300 copies of their single were pressed on Askel Records.

‘Painted Air’ is a brilliant slice of acid punk. I have always loved the guitar work on this one, especially that descending “screeching” that occurs several times during the song. Apparently the song is written from the perspective of a road accident victim whose life is slowly slipping away. The subject matter is certainly complemented by the slow, understated backing during the verses, and this in turns contrasts brilliantly with the wigged out up-tempo instrumental sections

‘In the Morning’ is I think a very strong garage ballad with its catchy melody and prominent keyboards.

The band moved from San Angelo to San Francisco for a time before disbanding in 1970 but sadly no more recordings were made after their lone 45.

A copy of the single sold for over $5,000 in 2012!

Reissues: Cicadelic put out a very good compilation in the late 90s called The Human Expression and Other Psychedelic Groups that includes both sides of the single. Easier to find but only compiling the a-side is the Acid Dreams Testament CD.


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