Classic Singles #18: The Shy Guys – Black Lightening Light / Goodbye to You (1968)

Shy Guys_labelOne single wonders from Sanford, Florida, north of Orlando. ‘Black Lightening Light’ apparently came together one evening at a rehearsal during a lightning storm that knocked out the power in Central Florida. It was later recorded in  Nashville, Tennessee.

With its furious drumming, bursts of wicked fuzz guitar, and judicious use of echo on the vocals, the song clocks in at over 4 minutes – an epic in comparison to some of the others already posted – and is moving into heavy psychedelic territory though with a distinct garage vibe.

‘Goodbye to You’ couldn’t be more different – a laid-back ballad with some nice keyboards. It’s actually quite pleasant if you give it a chance!

500 copies of the single were pressed.

Value: around £200 to $300.

Reissues: both sides of the single can be found on Eva’s Florida Punk Groups From The Sixties, or bag the a-side alone on the Acid Dreams Testament CD.


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