Classic Singles #16: The Hangmen of Fairfield County – Stacey / I Don’t Want You Around (1966)

“I’ve heard of the high from Dexedrine, but you’ve got a kick like a 20-mule team…Stacey!”

Hangmen_labelFrom Fairfield, Connecticut these guys came up with a great high-energy a-side for their lone 45 on the High Castle label. Whoever Stacey was, she must have been one hell of a girl as the singer compares her to all his favourite kicks, from pot and LSD to the somewhat less convincing combination of coca-cola with aspirin (probably on a par with dried banana skins as a means of getting high) – and she wins out every time.

B-side ‘I Don’t Want You Around’ is a very pleasant, melodic garage folk-rocker with strong vocal harmonies.

After their misspent youth, one member of the band went on to be a teacher and another a dentist.

Garage revivalists The Lyres did a cool version of ‘Stacey’ as the flip side of their ‘How Do You Know?’ single back in 1987.

Reissues: You can find ‘Stacey’ on the Hipsville 29 B.C. compilation, and the flip on Quagmire Volume 6.


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