Cosmic Mind at Play

Classic Singles #14: Caretakers of Deception – Cuttin’ Grass / X+Y=13 (1967)


“Take a look into my melted plastic brain, and run your fingers down my nerves, until you meet my soul…”

Crazed garage psychedelia alert! ‘Cuttin’ Grass’ is the sole 45 from a group believed to have been from Los Angeles, CA (as Sanctus Records was based there).

From the moment the ominous sound of the organ kicks things off and the singer starts telling us how his eyes have been thrown in the filth on the street this one doesn’t let up. There is a palpable sense of brooding menace throughout. The guitar solo is primitive in the extreme but that only adds to the effect. Incredible!

There is of course no way that flip ‘X+Y=13’ could be as demented as the a-side but it is still a very worthwhile moody garage number.


Value: a copy sold a few years back for $1,500.

Reissues: the single has been reissued on vinyl by Garage Greats. On CD the a-side is included on Acid Dreams Testament and the b-side on Pebbles Volume 8.